I never thought I’d see the day I would become a blogger. But here I am! My very first post is going to explain why I decided to start a blog.  It simply boils down to my passion for the outdoors and my dream to make my passion my career.

I am so grateful my dad taught me to hunt and fish at a young age. I shot my first deer at 14 and fell in love with the thrill. However, being a teenager I didn’t want to give up my social weekends to sit in a blind waiting on a deer. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago my passion for hunting and fishing grew immensely. I grew up and realized a weekend in the woods or on the water beats a weekend partying ANY DAY. I finally understood and accepted my dad’s saying “you have to put in the man-hours to be a successful hunter”. Last hunting season I made sure I put in the man-hours and I ended up shooting my second white-tail buck!

I finally understood and accepted my dad’s saying “you have to put in the man-hours to be a successful hunter”.

Hunting and fishing has given me a whole new appreciation for nature. When you’re sitting in silence in a tree stand watching nature wake up in the morning you can’t help but know we have a wonderful God who created a beautiful world. When your on a boat surrounded by calming water with a salty, refreshing sea breeze hitting your face you just want to tell God “thank you”. It’s not just about the kill or the catch. It’s the experience. The dedication. The hours put in. The memories. Some of my most cherished memories are sitting in the deer blind with my dad, bonding over our mutual love of hunting. That’s what makes me so passionate.

Well-known female hunters such as Eva Shockey and Theresa Vail were a huge reason why I decided to dedicate myself more to the outdoors, and specifically to learn to bow hunt. They are amazing, positive role models for women. When I first heard of bow hunting I thought it looked so difficult. I didn’t think I would ever do that. But when I saw Eva and Theresa conquering a bow, I thought “Hey, if they can, I can.”  And I have. Well I’ve started. Ha. I still have so much practicing and learning to do. But I am determined to get my first bow kill this upcoming season!

I hope anyone who visits my blog will enjoy it, laugh a little, get a peek of my passion and my experiences in the outdoors.

Thanks & Gig’em.