This summer my friend, Mark, was really trying to convince me to go to Cabo with him and a few other friends for his birthday. I had never been to Cabo, but knew it must be a stellar place to vacation since so many celebrities tend to go there. I mean, if Jennifer Aniston loves it so much it must be damn good. Yet, I was still on the fence even though I am usually convinced to go anywhere with a beach and Pina Coladas with no hesitation. Finally, I decided I’d go with one stipulation: We absolutely HAD to go deep sea fishing.

Flash forward to August, and I found myself landing in Cabo with a fishing trip lined up the next day 🙂 Not only was this my first Cabo trip, but it was also my first deep sea fishing experience. I had attempted a couple times in the past to go, but the waters were always too choppy to go out far. From previous experiences of being on a cruise and fishing in rough bays, I knew I was going to get sea sick while deep sea fishing. But did this girl care?! NOPE. I downed Dramamine like it was the Limitless pill and it was game on. So after a night of slight partying in downtown Cabo, 4 of us managed to get up at 5:30 am the next morning and wander down to the marina. Literally wandered. The marina in Cabo is HUGE. After an hour we finally found our boat, The Fin Addict. As we headed out of the marina, the morning was pretty and peaceful. It would be a good day.


Andddddd then an hour later the sea sickness kicked in. In 3 out of 4 of us. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having to yack that morning. Dramamine be damned. The alcohol from the night before probably didn’t help either. After a couple hours fighting the nausea while simultaneously enjoying the sight of marlins jumping and dolphins swimming along with the boat, we finally got a hit on a line. I knew we might not all get a catch that day, so you bet your ass I was the first one to jump in the chair. I was a determined woman. I started reeling that sucker in and after 10 minutes a few realizations came to mind: HOLY MOLY I need to work out my arms more often. They are going to fall off. This was way harder than I thought this would be. This must be a massive fish. MOBY DICK. No, I am probably just that out of shape. OMG I may not be able to finish reeling this in. Aw hell no, I am making sure I am catching this thing fully by myself even if it kills me.

Another 15 minutes later, I finally got the sucker in. And voila, it was an 80 lb Yellowfin Tuna. SO WORTH IT. Plus the adrenaline rush totally made my sea sickness subside.

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As you can see in the photos, my arms were so dead from reeling that I physically could not lift the fish by myself. Thanks Omar the deckhand for helping me out. He was awesome. Not long after Mark caught a sailfish!


Unfortunately, the rest of the day on the water we were unsuccessful with catching anymore fish. So we did what we do best. Booze cruised. I’d really like to thank Captain Martin and the deckhand, Omar, for a great trip. I’d also like to give a shout to the charter we used, JC’s Sportfishing. They were reasonably priced and took great care of us. I will definitely be using them again the next time I go to Cabo. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

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When we got back to the marina, I paid a guy to filet my tuna. It was SO MUCH TUNA. I didn’t want to have to worry about shipping the tuna back to Texas, so I gave half of it to Omar and Martin to thank them for being great guides. The other half we managed to eat the next 2 days on the trip. Cabo has some great restaurants that will cook your fresh catch for you. We had the best sashimi we’ve ever tasted in our lives from my tuna. I am drooling just thinking about it. The tuna steaks were fantastic, too. But that sashimi man. Out of this world.

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This was a phenomenal trip. I fell in love with Cabo and can’t wait to go back again.


Oh ya! While we were there Mark and I really wanted to buy the catch flags for each of our fish that boats fly to show what fish they caught on each trip. However, we just plain forgot to find them because we were having too much fun. Well, a few weeks later I received a package at work and lo and behold, Mark surprised me with a tuna catch flag! How cool is that! Thank you Mark for being an incredible friend and allowing me to be a part of your birthday trip.

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