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In the woods we return to reason and faith.



Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo

This summer my friend, Mark, was really trying to convince me to go to Cabo with him and a few other friends for his birthday. I had never been to Cabo, but knew it must be a stellar place to vacation since so many celebrities tend to go there. I mean, if Jennifer Aniston loves it so much it must be damn good. Yet, I was still on the fence even though I am usually convinced to go anywhere with a beach and Pina Coladas with no hesitation. Finally, I decided I’d go with one stipulation: We absolutely HAD to go deep sea fishing. Continue reading “Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo”


Hello World!

I never thought I’d see the day I would become a blogger. But here I am! My very first post is going to explain why I decided to start a blog.  It simply boils down to my passion for the outdoors and my dream to make my passion my career.

Continue reading “Hello World!”

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